Flame 2020 Presentation

15 October 2020

Pricing of LNG Structures

flame 2020 presentation lngAmsterdam was supposed to be the host for Flame 2020. However COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works…This year’s conference was therefore entirely held on-line. Cyriel de Jong from KYOS was one of the speakers in the LNG steam this time, and in his Flame 2020 presentation he discussed his views on “Pricing and hedging of LNG structures”.

He started his presentation by exploring the trends that can be seen in regional price spreads. Furthermore he discussed the flexibility along the LNG supply
chain in sourcing, liquefaction, transport and storage. Last but not least, he touched upon valuing the LNG flexibility and monetizing the value. To read his slides, please click here: Flame 2020 – KYOS about LNG – Cyriel de Jong – 20201012

LNG Contract Valuation

LNG off-take or supply contracts often include complex flexibility mechanisms, typically with price, volume and delivery point optionality. KYOS has a lot of expertise to value LNG contracts from spot deals to long-term contracts. A key element is our Monte Carlo simulation engine KySim, to create realistic price simulations for multiple locations and commodities simultaneously. We combine this with our advanced models to value price and volume flexibility. Furthermore, the results can be integrated with our risk models KyRisk. Using our Advanced Analytics, customers will have access to all price and simulation results and use this to value contracts using Python scripts.

Please contact us for a free demonstration. We are more than happy to show you what our models can do. And more importantly, how they can work for you! Just leave your details in the black section below, or send an e-mail to info@kyos.com