Post-event: Commodity Trading Week London

12 May 2022

Commodity Trading Week London, April 2022

Commodity Trading week April

Richard Cornielje spoke 27 April at Commodity Trading Week 2022 in London, UK. During these two busy days, the audience could listen to interesting presentations and discussion panels, all centered around the topic of commodity trading and risk management.

His presentation ‘Turbulent times call for advanced risk management’ discussed a case-study of a food manufacturer. He showed the impact of current market prices on the daily business, but more importantly, how to look ahead. What is risk management, and which parameters should you take into account?

To see what he presented:

KYOS presentation Commodity Trading Week April 2022

If you missed this presentation, but still would like to watch it, please let us know by sending your details to

Energy trading week will take place on 28-29 September 2022, and will also be in London. We’ll be there!

Insight in Risks

Have you seen one of our Insight in risk reports? Every month we look at a portfolio of two commodities. Based on market price volatilities, correlations and Monte Carlo simulations, the report shows the important risk metrics Cashflow-At-Risk and Value-At-Risk.  How much is the amount at risk and what could you do to mitigate the risk?

More on our Portfolio and risk management system

Does your company have a significant exposure to commodity prices? Then KYOS has a cost-effective solution for your daily management. The KYOS Portfolio & Risk Management System brings together your physical commodity positions with financial contracts. This provides not only a complete picture of purchases and sales, but also of your financial risk exposures.

The KYOS portfolio & risk management system is developed for the daily management of all positions, budgets and actual consumption. As a result, it supports day-to-day commodity procurement, trading and hedging decisions. Also, you can upgrade the to include price data services, advanced analytical pricing modelstraining and consulting.