Post webinar: gas storage

1 December 2022

Post-Webinar: Gas storage in turbulent times

KYOS post webinar gasThank you for your interest in our webinar on gas storage in turbulent times. Cyriel de Jong and Ewout Eijkelenboom gave an update of the current situation on the storage market. They looked back on what happened in Q3 and Q4 of 2022 and zoomed in on the differences between Germany and the Netherlands. Furthermore, they discussed the outlook for storage value in 2023.

Please find here the slides of the session held 29 November 2022: KYOS Webinar Gas storage 29 Nov2022

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More information

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On our website we provide statistics about European underground gas storages (UGS) and LNG tanks. These assets are the primary sources of flexibility to balance supply with demand. It shows inventory levels of all European gas storages, plus the LNG import terminals.

Gas optimization model

For this webinar we have used input provided by our gas storage optimization software KyStore. The advantage of this model are the comprehensive storage characteristics. These include not only time and volume dependent injection and withdrawal rates, but also time varying costs, interruption rights and reduced availability because of maintenance. In addition, it is possible to customize the model to your needs. You can use APIs to run large number of model input scenarios.

The KYOS Analytical Platform is the basis for our models, and of course we have fully embedded KyStore. Automated data feeds ensure that you get up-to-date trading recommendations every day. Transparency is guaranteed, because analysts can evaluate each individual price scenario.

For a short demonstration of our gas storage valuation model KyStore: